A downloadable game for Windows

Megaball was made in a week for GBJam 8.

The source code is also available here.


The goal of the game is to roll the ball over every flashing panel to complete the stage.

There are 15 stages that become increasingly more difficult, presenting you with tougher terrain and more enemies to avoid.

For each stage you complete you gain one extra life.

Your main aim should be to avoid enemies, but if you need to you can use your special weapon which will cause you to self-destruct (and lose a life) and shatter into 10 pieces, killing any enemy which collides with these pieces. You will immediately re-spawn, and the enemy will reappear in 5 seconds.


WASD, Arrow keys, or gamepad D-pad to move.

Z key, K key, or gamepad Button A to fire weapon, or confirm in menu.

Enter key or gamepad Start button to Start or Pause.

F1 key to toggle sound.

F2 key to toggle music.


Design & Art: 



Sound and Music: 



Font by Damien Guard: 




megaball.zip 6 MB


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windows defender says it has a trojan virus in it.


It's because Microsoft give a warning for any exe they don't recognise or know that is widely used. From what I've read there's no way to avoid those warnings unfortunately. You can also run the python from the source code available here: https://github.com/helpcomputer/megaball


Great idea


Nice and simple <3