Bewildering burial action!

An action game where you must carry out various tasks in a graveyard to keep your job.


The goal of the game is to keep your job and complete the stages.

To keep your job you must keep your boss happy. To keep the boss happy you must water flowers and repair tombstones if they get damaged (look out for birds!).

You must also bury caskets and lay wreaths when new customers arrive.

IMPORTANT: I forgot to include it in the title screen instructions, but the ‘B’ key or Spacebar will consume an enery drink.

GG was created in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 42 game jam. As part of the competition you must also release your source code/project files, and so you can also download the Construct 3 profile file below.


Graveyard Gary Construct 3 Project File 373 kB


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Super nice old arcade feeling! <3