Falling Down - A Ludum Dare 39 entry made in 48 hours.


This is a game about being the president of a fictional country. You must keep the citizens happy so that you can win the next election.


Right now this largely revolves around spending your funds which you earn each day. You can increase your own approval rating, damage your opponent's, or increase the fear and hate amongst the voting public. See what works. You can periodically change your policy priorities, and elections come around every so often.

Todo that were on my list but I didn't have time:

- Random events
- More opponents and their abilities
- Sound and music

Final note: I'm not making a political statement, it's just a game.


Q. The game runs slowly in my browser.

A. Try it in Google Chrome, or download the HTML package and run index.html in your browser locally.

Install instructions

Play in browser or download the HTML package and run index.html locally in a browser.


Falling Down HTML Package 290 kB
Falling Down source capx file 221 kB

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