Desert Winds was made in 2 days for 1-bit Weekend Jam. It's a game about flying an air balloon in a windy desert. To succeed you must navigate the balloon up and down to find air pockets to propel you forward. Rescuing everyone and crossing the desert safely is your aim.

Along the way you must keep your fuel and water supplies replenished by landing in the appropriate areas. If you run out of fuel you can't use the burner, and if you run out water you will pass out and lose all control.

There are also other areas to land where people may need to be rescued.

To navigate you may use the burner which burns fuel and fills the balloon with hot air propelling you upwards, or you can use the release control which will vent hot air and make the balloon fall quickly.


W or Up arrow will use the burner and move your balloon upwards.

S or Down arrow will release hot air and make the balloon fall more quickly.

Escape key can also be used to exit quickly back to the main menu.


Design & Art:

Sound and Music:

Font is "ZX Venice" by Damien Guard:

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Tags1-bit, 1bit, 2D, 8-Bit


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Using only 2 colours this game is visually great.

It's also fun to play :)


I really like this game – is there an actual ending if you go far enough and save all the people on the way?


Yea there is!


Stunning visuals!


quite beautiful & very well done!