Chicken Shuffle is an action game set on a hill-top farm. You must plant seeds and harvest the crops on your farm, but beware of the chickens that also live on the farm.

The chickens will peck the seeds you planted and turn your growing crops to weeds! You must scare off the chickens so that you can properly attend to your farm.

Scoring is the aim, and there is information given below your farm of each score for a particular action.


Movement: WASD keys, Arrow keys, or D-Pad on GamePad.

Action: Z or N key, or Button A on GamePad.

The action button will plant seeds, harvest a crop, or clear a weed, providing that there isn't a chicken nearby. Otherwise the action button will scare away any nearby chickens.

Escape key can also be used to exit quickly back to the main menu.


Design and Art:

Sound and Music:


"Truffle Shuffle" by Damien Guard:

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