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"TRY not to punch GRANNIES, PUPPIES, and BABIES."

I'll punch whatever I want don't you tell me what to do

Loved this :)



what in god's name is with the fucking ridiculously awful controls?

skill issue

dang this baby really got thorns 3

im at 50 rn

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oh cool have a burg ;)

This is great stuff! Any chance of a downloadable version?


This was a fun game! 

This is a great, kick-ass game, but I feel like controller inputs don't work, not detecting any controllers I use.


hands cramping covered in metal dust and blood wondering when they will stop knocking 



Is there any way to download this game to make a video? Or do I have to record it off of this website?


This would make me really reconsider my purchase of that house. Very fun game. It felt like you took a WarioWare mini-game and made a full fledged game from it, with amazing results. Can't wait to see what you make in the future. 


Yes I did 12 rounds!
Wait, it keeps going? Maybe it was 14 and I got that wrong?
... Ok, 20. I'll stop here XD


That's a really well-polished game! It's really good, I'm surprised you made it in under 2 weeks! Well done!

If I were to change anything, I'd definitely make it harder and also faster. The cutscenes look nice, but I feel like some of them could be way faster because you have to wait too much right now.
Also, more enemies would be welcome, but that's something that's obviously related to the short timespan, so that's totally fine!

Overall, a REALLY cool game!


nice game


amazing !


Made a video


Gave it a short let's play - I just wish there were more variety with the enemy types, with different attack patterns and whatnot. There's so many Friendlies and only 1 enemy :( 



Fun game. Had a nice time playing and recording it. I don't usually spend time on Pico-8 style games but this had a charm to it that made me play. My hand hurt a little while since it felt cramped up from the controls but other than that it was fine. I survived the 12 rounds but nothing happened, I just kept going, lol.

Anyways, great stuff! Looking forward to more projects.

Check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thanks!


pretty fun, but the keyboard controls suck


pretty fun. i managed to get to level 18 before getting a little bored but otherwise this definitely ain't bad at all.


Ok now this is epic. very cool game with very cool art  style!

Do you feel it? the air is electric with the tortured moans of the youtuber. Their pitiful cries sound out to an ocean of darkness, as they try and scrape any attention from the bottom of the barrel by latching onto great artists and their creations. Sickening, disgusting, and amusing...they will know fear and they will understand what it means to be unknown. 

I am the reaper of youtubers, the mere mention of yout*be sets off a frenzy the likes of which will never be seen again. They are strong children, but I am beyond strength...I AM THE END, and I have come for you(tubers) fall.


Amazing game, but i passed of 12 stages and the game continues. 


I know sorry about that, it's a bug. I think it goes to 100.


This game is so good. The art is truly amazing. If a version with more content see the days I will definitly play it. 


awesome game!


how can i dunload it?


The tutorial only shows a black screen, and it returns to the main menu upon clicking the punch buttons


We didn't have time to complete the tutorial screen unfortunately.


How many secret points do we get for punching babies?


The police give you 2 'arrest-on-sight' points.




I'm not very good at this kind of the game but it is awesome and really fun! Well done, guys! :D


Thanks Antoine!


Played for awhile.  Learned you have a max 12 hearts, and the game ends at 100.

Thought they said "Survive 12 rounds"?

Still, wouldn't mind a burger...just after my hands recover.


Wow! You actually got the disgusting burger! impressive!

100 rounds is SO many. I don't think I'd ask that much from a player for a session. I'm thinking 20-25 rounds.


Sorry about that, I forgot to change it at the last minute to 12!


Same here, i thought it was 12 rounds.




I think something should be done to regulate the RNG. I played for 6 minutes and only got like 5 snakes. Pretty fun, though, and I look forward to future development.


Had a bunch of fun playing through this, it becomes an exercise in physical endurance after a while! Managed to get to level 62 before my wrist and fingers had enough!

The art is great, and I gotta say, I think this is the best 'Fist of the north star' like game I have ever played.

The announcer adds a level of immersion, love it.

Some thoughts on how I'd structure it:

(Skippable) Intro: Shows dude, then good guys (at least 5). Introduce mechanics. Show 'fodder' bad guys (at least 5), then a partially obscured view of floor 100 boss.

Perhaps a boss level every 10 levels or so? After boss level, press a button to continue, to rest fingers and wrists for a bit (or allow call of nature!). Show dude doing weights, having tea with granny (pinky out!), petting the dog, etc while waiting for button push.

Then there has to be an end game. Does he end the darkness by killing Cthulhu?

Anyway, whatever direction you guys choose, I'm looking forward to have another 'punch' at it!


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Level 62!! Wow!

Great minds think alike, I've been thinking similar things.

If there was 100 levels, a 'boss' every 25 rounds, and a minigame every 10 to liven things up might be a good idea.

I really like the idea of a moment to breathe after a boss, with some relaxing music and a shot of our hero chilling, I'll remember that!

I also wonder if 100 rounds is asking too much from a player for a single session. That's SO much mashing. Maybe as an endgame final circuit. For new players, 20-25 rounds might be enough.

I think you are right on the money with putting the casual difficulty at around 20-25 rounds.

If I think about how many rounds, possibly that could be determined by selecting a difficulty level at the beginning?

How about casual (no one likes selecting difficulty titled 'easy') 25 rounds, hard 50, Ultimate 67 (level 66.6?). Names of difficulty should be related to fighting?

Perhaps difficulty named like: Amateur Boxer, King of Iron fist, Fist of steel, Hundred hand hitter? (Second one is trademarked to Tekken, I think).

Perhaps you could pull an old school game trick, fight every fodder back to back in Ultimate difficulty, fight the final boss, then reveal the TRUE END? Gotta have an ending!


This was very fun, well done!


Thanks for playing, bud!


This game is so awesome! The battles felt super juicy, and the art is awesome! Really well done!

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Oh man I had so much fun with this game. Punching feels so satisfying, I just wish my fingers could move faster so I could keep punching that worm for even longer! I know this is an early game so you probably already have ideas for future updates but one thing stuck out to me: there is little to no punishment for waiting to verify if you are punching a innocent or a monster. At the beginning I felt like there was a punishment for waiting because it gives you the "GREAT", "OK", and "BAD" responses. But I realized there is basically no punishment for getting "OK" or "BAD" every time. So I ended up waiting to ensure I knew it was a monster before punching and I had maximum health the rest of my time. So my biggest feedback would be to make answering the door at different speeds have noticeable differences in your combat. Like answering the door with "GREAT" maybe you start with the monster stunned. Or answering "BAD" you lose health. But again, this is just some feedback because I enjoyed this game so much and would love to see it have lots more content!


Hello, thanks for the great feedback! 

The original idea for the rating system for landing pre-emptive punches on monsters is that they take more damage the faster you hit them. Ratings like GREAT and WOW! didn't make the cut for the jam deadline, but will likely be added in shortly. Fighting a tanky/dangerous enemy would be made a lot easier if you land a pre-emptive blow that takes a third of it's health!